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108 Reasons NOT to Do Yoga

Mar 31, 2019

Co Costs Diana Vitarelli and Joan Hyman talk about Tim Miller, the dedication it takes to teach yoga, and what makes an advanced practice. Plus, the Goddess in the Closet answer a question about money.

Mar 23, 2019

In the Season One Finale, Diana and John Vitarelli interview each other, and the talk goes from family to football. This is a really special episode where you get a peek inside their marriage while they dish out their REAL thoughts about different styles of yoga. Plus, a story from the Mahabharata!

Jan 27, 2019

Co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Alyse Levy Bacine talk about A Course in Miracles, Rebirthing, Ashtanga Yoga and FOOD. Plus, Alyse mentions a list of incredible teachers and shares her secret in the kitchen. Then, the Goddess in the Closet answers a question from a listener about Brahmacharya and, in the words of a six...

Jan 9, 2019

Join co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Natalie Levin for a wild ride as they talk about Opera, mental health, financial crisis', communicating with the beyond, astrology and of course, GLITTER in this emotional episode. Plus, the real story about why and how Diana left the studio she started 16 years ago, and the real...

Dec 10, 2018

Co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Meredith McFadden discuss some similarities and differences between yoga and pilates and Meredith shares how after feeling drained by her previous career in mental health therapy, she finds even a tough day running a yoga studio to be energizing. Also, listen in as John Vitarelli teaches...